'Murphy Brown' Finds Love With Guest Stars Katie Couric, Bette Midler

Murphy Brown ’s “A Lifetime of Achievement” saw the Murphy in the Morning gang getting in touch with both their competitive and romantic sides as they sparred with Bette Midler and Katie Couric and found life with John Larroquette and Analeigh Tipton (and, technically, recurring guest star Charles Kimbrough, who reprised his role as Jim Dial).

The episode featured the entire crew — Murphy (Candice Bergen), Corky (Faith Ford), Frank (Joe Regalbuto), Miles (Grant Shaud), Pat (Nik Dodani), and even Phyllis (Tyne Daly), plus Murphy’s son, Avery (Jake McDorman) — go to a gala where Couric presented Jim with a lifetime achievement award.

Jim brought Phyllis, but was scared to call it a date until a pep talk with Murphy made him realize he wasn’t disrespecting his late wife.

He and Phyllis bonded over being the black sheeps of their families — “Generations of men who wore suspenders and this rebel who put on a belt,” he told her — and he also made a lovely, emotional speech once Couric presented him with the award.

Frenemies Corky and Couric showed up in the same dress, and though they traded a few catty barbs throughout the night, they ended up getting burgers together after the event (and helping free each other from their Spanx).

Murphy, meanwhile, met a judge named Nate Campbell (Larroquette) — and things went well, apparently, because she brought him home.

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