New York City

BC-AP News Digest 2 pm

With CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES-CELEBRITIES - Celebrities who hurriedly fled a fast-moving wildfire that ravaged mountain and coastal communities near Los Angeles were among the thousands hoping to learn the fate of homes and prized possessions.

YEMEN-CIVILIAN CASUALTIES - Airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen are on a pace to kill more civilians than last year despite U.S. claims that the coalition is working to prevent such bloodshed, a database tracking violence shows.

FACT CHECK-WEEK - Fresh off the GOP's loss of the House, President Trump is fudging the success of a "booming" economy and overstating the impact of his campaigning on the midterm elections.

The first subway train pulled out before 5 a.m. local time, with police, metro workers and human rights officials guiding the bulk of migrants through the city's empty stations.

SYRIA - A Syrian woman captured by Islamic State militants said her 8-year-old son died in her lap after the extremists shot him and his cousin during a military operation to liberate them more than 100 days after they were kidnapped.

Najwa Abu Ammar, 35, was kidnapped with her two sons and daughter and nearly two dozen others in July from southern Sweida province in a bloody attack on their villages in which the militants killed over 200 people.

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