Andrew Lincoln on His 'Walking Dead' Departure and Surprising Next Chapter for AMC

A week after Andrew Lincoln's beleaguered former sheriff was on death's doorstep, Rick soldiered on in the actor's final episode of AMC's The Walking Dead .

As his family and friends watch in horror as Rick appears to die in the fiery explosion, the character winds up being thrown off the bridge and alive — only to be found by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh).

That allows Lincoln to spend more time with his family at home in England, while helping Gimple with his mandate to expand what AMC is calling " The Walking Dead Universe."

Would you want to see another actor step into the role of Rick Grimes for a prequel of sorts exploring his pre-apocalypse days with Lori, Carl and Shane (played on the AMC series by Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs and Jon Bernthal)?

This episode featured a lot of iconic imagery from the series, from the hospital and the "do not open dead inside" doors to Rick on a white horse riding down a freeway from the pilot…

I've been reading on [with scripts] and keeping an eye on that and just to see the fallout; the time jump is extraordinary but the ripple effect of Rick's [presumed] passing really informs [the show] onwards.

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