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'Serene and evocative' narrative platformer Gris will be out in December

Gris , the narrative platformer about a young girl lost in a strange world of her own making, will be out on December 13.

Publisher Devolver Digital revealed the release date today with a new trailer that showcases the game's quite stunning world.

Developed by Spanish indie outfit Nomada Studio, Gris is a "journey through sorrow" in a surreal world that will change as the lead character grows and comes to terms with a painful experience, enabling her to see her surroundings in a different way.

It promises an exploration experience "free of danger, frustration, or death," although players who enjoy more conventional platforming will be able to take on "optional skill-based challenges [that] will reveal themselves as more of Gris’s world becomes accessible."

Gris looks a little bit different than the usual Devolver thing, which includes games like Serious Sam, Shadow Warrior, Hotline Miami, Mother Russia Bleeds, and A Fistful of Gun.

But it also looks like it could be really good for fans of artsy, non-infuriating platformers (which is very much me), and Devolver also published the philosophy-puzzler The Talos Principle—which was actually developed by Serious Sam studio Croteam.

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